Pumps heat with the best price-performance ratio: Meeting, Hiseer, Phnix.

Heat pump types of plants:

Meetings heat pump

Pumps heat with the best price-performance ratio:

MEETING heat pump

air-to-water heat pump: 3-88 kW heating power (monoblock, split)

Geothermal - Water-water heat pump: 5-88 kW heating power

Swimming Pool Heat Pump: 5-88 kW heating power (up to 35 ° C)

Super quiet heat pump 12 to 25 kW heating power

domestic hot water heat pump 3 - 4 kW in

Hiseer heat pump

Monoblock heat pump 9-22 kW

EVI monobloc heat pumps from 11 to 14 kW

EVI split-split heat pumps from 11 to 14 kW

LSQ31R2 industrial heat pump 32 kW

LSQ66R4 industrial performance 69 kW heat pump

GHP-based water-water heat pump 7-30 kW

GSWW60 geothermal heat pump industry power 3840 kW

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Who should the heat pump? And how much does it cost?

Family house, condominium, office, factory, community center, public buildings, schools, swimming pools, sports centers, guesthouses, hotels, etc., etc. We could say: almost everywhere! And how much is it the heat? →

We sell air water, water-water and pool heat pump carefully prepared, high quality standards of the over-simplified, alternative heating - cooling and domestic hot water production equipment, which you can easily install yourself.
Price is unbeatable in proportion between the heat pump types (ground collector, probe, well, salt-water), energy-saving device. (Other products:. Buffer tank, floor and wall heating pipe, circulation pump, manifold stations, fittings)

The heat pump is quiet, economical and aesthetic, think about it in heating modernization. Heating, cooling, domestic hot water supply. MEETING use of renewable energy in air-to-water heat pump is an inexpensive, well-proven technical solutions!

Heat pump with 3 + 2 years warranty
Heat pump providing 3-year warranty. The heat pump price plus 10% additional fee to extend warranty time of 2 years. HISEER, MEETING, PHNIX, the heat pump Geo H-tariff and tariff applying for the right heater for you! Each heat pump is equipped and has 3 + 2 years warranty European marketing approval (certificate).
What we have added next to the heat pump: the consumer and the guarantee of return →

Compare Heat pump types, efficiency, space requirements, advantages and disadvantages, the general description →
All HISEER, and PHNIX MEETING heat pump "Fund knows" the heating and hot water services are delivered on demand and heat pumps for cooling function. Most swimming pool heat pump can heat cool, too! The heat pumps are highly recommended due to the buffer tank heating efficient implementation and smooth operation of the heat pump system. Data in buffer tanks.

Attention: higher power (over 12 kW) heat pumps are installed at the factory is not circulating pump for the heating system must be designed!

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Where the heat pump heating - cooling equipment can be recommended and definitely pays off:

- There is no possibility for burning natural gas, or bored with high gas bills
- Floor-wall ceiling heating-cooling, fan coil units (more info). Radiators max: 45/35 ° C
- Automatically operated heating-cooling system
- The building is insulated compliance with current building energy standards (Regulation 7/2006 TNM), or better.
Help with installation of heat pumps: heat pump system wiring diagrams

The heat pump main components:

the compressor, the evaporator, the heat exchanger, the condenser and the expansion valve.
The heating system is an essential element of good-sized buffer tanks and connecting pipes, circulation pumps, sensors, etc ... To recommend to the heat pump? Family house, condominium, office, plant, public buildings, schools, swimming pools, sports centers, hotels. Air-to-water and water-water, geothermal heat pumps.

And an interesting initiative: district heating panel houses heated by heat pump.

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Manufacturers presentation: HISEER MEETING PHNIX

Who should the heat pump?


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