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Heat pump for heating instead gas boiler! Where and who is it for?

Private house owners

We offer a traditional family house, EVI compressors and / or inverter heat pump Hiseer family. Heat pump house

Condominiums, offices heating, cooling

Industrial heat pumps can be connected and thousands of square meters of spaces can be heated, cooled efficiently. Industrial heat pumps

For resellers, contractors

The heat pump Hiseer resellers, construction of reliable technology, and competitive prices we offer! distributors

What you need to know about heat pumps?
The heat pump is heating, cooling and hot water used in heating systems (attention, more than 200 year old! Which is the environment of extracts heat and conventional fuels (gas, oil, coal, wood) more efficiently, the environment, sparing exploits. (Heat pump models.)

Ask for an offer and install a state of the art heat pump heating apartment!

Why do we recommend air-to-water heat pump heating and cooling?

• Because of the heat pump is installed carefully halves the energy bill
Gas is more expensive, instead of the much cheaper heating heat pump can save a lot of energy account
• For the air-to-water heat pump quickly – within a day – can be installed
below the well drilling and felásni do not have a garden, so much cheaper than other heat pump system
• It can be easily connected to traditional heating systems
from traditional gas boilers, oil or pellet heating stoves or FIREPLACE, no problem
• For use in extreme weather conditions
state of the art technology, reliable heat pump manufacturers, developed by -25 to +45 º C operating
• We do not need expensive gas chimneys and gas project, gas boiler, gas installation
Moreover, do not blow up, do not be afraid of carbon monoxide poisoning, and low cost of maintenance and operation.

Heating, cooling and hot water production are looking for economical alternatives? There are quite a solution for the heat pump! Newly built property is designed for heating – but also fűtéskorszerűsítésnél – think of the heat pump. But it is also helpful to the solar collector and the solar panel! Get a quote.

So is composed of energy-efficient heat pumps and solar heating and hot water supply system:

Which heat pump is a good choice? Air-to-water, geothermal heating: the water-to-water, or the ground source?

One thing is certain: using heat pump is a real overhead stop!

However what type of heat pump better to choose? Plenty of documentation can be found in the internet about the heat pump types, but without specific examples and comparisons. Here you can get a correct, examined by several aspects (but simplified in order of the better understanding)comparison about the heat pumps. Reading through the pages, it will be easier to decide wether to buy and install an air-to-water heat pump, a geothermal water-to-water heat pump, a ground floor heat pump, or a probe heat pump. Here is another description to facilitate the choise. Wiring diagrams helps us for the installation of the heat pump and the buffer tank in order to ensure a reliable and fairly cheap heating and cooling. 
However, the most important question: how much is the heating with a heat pump, and how much is the investment?

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