Comparing Heat pump types

Introducing heat pump types, varieties

Heat pump types and systems. Which type of heat pump is a good choice?

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Environmental conditions.

During the planning the following conditions should be taken into account: you have to know the direction of the prevailing wind in order of the optimal placement of the heat pumps outdoor unit, or in case of the geothermal heat pumps you have to know the composition and the features of the soil - water, clay, gravel - which can affect on heat transfer. If the soil has good heat transfer conditions, then it is enough to lay down the collector pipes on a smaller area or to drill less soil probe in order to extract a certain quantity of heat, contrary to the soil have poor heat transfer features.



In case of groundwater or surface water availability one of the important aspect of the decision is that the type of ground loop can be used. The type of the ground loop depending on the water quality, the depth and the flow. In the case of surface waters can be used a closed or open loop system.


Description of heat pump types, energy sources, and operation modes.

Air to water heat pump, air source heat pump model

Energy is extracted from air (by using a few electric power) and water can be heated with it.